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About the Authors

         Twin sisters Maya and Mariah Manson are currently elementary teachers. The pair were born and raised in Dayton, Ohio to Stacy and Gregory Manson. The twins have always had a passion for writing from a young age. At the age of 14, the twins grew closer to God and started serving in different ministries at Potter's House Dayton International Ministries. The twins attended Chaminade Julienne High School and continued to perfect many God given talents. In 2017, the sisters graduated from Northern Kentucky University with bachelor's degrees in elementary education.  In 2020, the sisters graduated with master's degrees in curriculum and instruction from the University of Cincinnati.

   The Divine Sisters series started with a dream Maya had in 2018. In this dream, God was telling her that she was a superhero. Several dreams and revelations later the The Divine Sisters Series was formed. 

Podcast and Articles

Podcast Millenlial Motherhood.JPG
Millennial Motherhood Podcast
About : Our intent is to encourage, enlighten and entertain our audience by sharing our experiences, failures and victories as Millennial Mothers!
Podcast info: Special guests, Maya & Mariah Mason (The Divine Sisters), joined us on our podcast live! They have a new book that talks about teachers being the REAL superheroes and it's titled "The Call to Purpose". As educators, they gave us some pointers concerning virtual learning in the home!
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face to face to podcast.jpg
Face to Face Podcast website
About: This podcast was created with the intention of centering Black women in our experiences by exploring personal narratives of identity, leadership development and the teachings and lessons that impact us.
About Podcast: Graduates from Northern Kentucky University, and educators at Imagine schools in Dayton Ohio, Maya and Mariah Manson are Black educators with a mission to inspire and encourage others to know who they are and follow their purpose. Dropping September 27th, Maya and Mariah introduce their new children's book, "Divine Sisters: A Call to Purpose." Divine Sisters is a story of two twin teachers that discover they are superheroes with a mission much greater than they could've imagined. While inspiring young people to discover their purpose early, Divine Sisters seeks to challenge and encourage everyday people to seek and believe in their own superpower. 
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Podcast Backhouse.jpg
LIVE at the Backhouse
About: LIVE At The Backhouse is a marketing platform where we feature small business owners, authors and topics of interest over various social media platforms. We are a social media talk show!
About the Podcast: Ready! Set! Go! Twin sisters, Maya and Mariah Manson visit The Backhouse to share how they have launched from their platform as educators to authors and superheroes! Meet the Divine Sisters and learn all about their mission!
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About:  The Collegiate spotlight series for the College of Education and Human Services at  Northern Kentucky University. 
About the Article: The Divine Sisters (NKU Alumni) Maya and Mariah were featured in NKU COEHS Spotlight Series
Link to  Article:
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