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If You Mostly Answered A: You are a Defender/Supporter

If you mostly answered A. You are a defender. Your superhero powers help you to defend yourself and others. Examples: force shield, hiding others, camouflage, fire resistance,  and teleportation.

Strengths: Loyal, Reliable

and always willing to help and

look out for the needs of others.

Weaknesses: Spreading yourself  thin,

putting the needs of others before

your own and/or pausing your dreams so others can reach theirs.


If you mostly answered B, You are a Warrior/Decision Maker.

You use your skill set to solve your problems. Examples: super speed, super strength, martial arts, iron fist,

mind control of enemies, fire and water


Strengths: Easily makes decisions,

takes the lead, makes things happen

and gets things done.

Weaknesses: Little to no patience, makes decisions too quickly without weighing the cost and likes to work alone. 

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If you answered mostly C, you are a Mastermind/Strategist You use your mind to solve your problems.

Examples: telekinesis, super memory, wisdom,super reader, mathematician, dreamer, mind control, 

Strengths:  Writing a vision, fact checking, 

Planning in advance,Writing blueprints, and


Weaknesses: Perfectionist, Needing to know

all variables before making decisions, struggling to

put plans in action and when implementing plans wanting them to go exactly that way

If you answered mostly D, you are a Influencer/Networker 

You use your voice or rapport to solve problems. Examples: speakinesis, calling, opening of portals, calling on an army, calling objects, weather influence, calling weapons

Strengths: Connecting with people, working

on teams, and building rapport with people

Weaknesses: Doesn't like to work alone,

wants to include everyone, 

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